Centre 22

Centre 22 specialises in Close Quarter Tradecraft Training.  We can provide training to Security Companies, Armed Forces, Police and individuals working or have intention of working in an environment where compromise and complexities could be of danger to themselves, principal, team or group.  For example: Close Protection Officers, Plain Clothes Operatives, Covert Surveillance Operatives.  Company Executives their Employees and Chauffeurs who require personal security.

Bespoke training.   We will customise training for your specific needs.

Instructor and trainer Mick Gould is one of the foremost close quarter conflict instructors in the world he has invaluable experience as an instructor in the advanced training wings of 22 Special Air Service and a HM Government intelligence unit.  Mick is also a leading instructor and technical advisor to the Hollywood film industry.  Click for movies worked on.

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