Mick Gould served a distinguished career as an instructor in the advanced training wings of 22 Special Air Service.  Upon leaving the Regiment, Mick became an operator and instructor for a HM Government Intelligence unit. He worked on the CP circuit, often working alone in both hostile and corporate environments. Mick has provided close quarter skills training to military, law enforcement and security organisations throughout the world.

Mick is perhaps best known to the public for his work as a Technical Adviser and Trainer in the film industry. His expertise and realistic training have produced the stand out action sequences in modern film including his work on HEAT, Collateral, Miami Vice, Ronin, Taken and many others. Mick teaches a small number of personal students in the martial arts, firearms and CP skills and is only now opening his knowledge to a wider audience through his courses at Centre 22.

Mick is currently based in Wales UK, his film work takes him world wide and he has recently returned from LA, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Prague.

Mick with The Queen:


Mick with Michael Mann and Robert De Niro:


Mick with Princess Diana:


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