Advanced close quarter CPO

“The First Principle Of CP “Protect The Principal At All Cost”

How much cost are you willing to put on the line, your life? The future of your family?

So, is it better to have choice and judgment through experience, or the ignorance is bliss routine? “You can’t do that the press might see it”  the press may also witness the demise of you and your Principal.  Contrary to wide belief keeping your fingers crossed does not work too well!

“There’s a time and a place for everything”

When negotiations have ceased in an escalating situation, they must be met with an escalating response.  Extremism on the streets is an escalating problem, knife crime in a lot of major cities around the world is almost out of control;  Evil people creating evil deeds, the only defence of evil people are good people skilled at controlled intelligent operational technique.

 So ask yourself this question, is it better to face the jury, or be measured by the undertaker?

Make sure your judgment call is the right one, through regular and realistic training!

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